Saturday, October 4, 2008

Rainy Day Library Letterboxing

September 27, 2008
A rainy Saturday thanks to "Hurricane Kyle" headed straight for us ... didn't hit particularly hard, but did prevent any outdoor letterboxing excursions this weekend ... fortunately OnTheCorner hid this awesome letterbox altered book in the Bangor Public Library!

This box is called "Cards on the Table" - it's an Agatha Christie novel of that name which mom glued all the pages together and then cut holes into to hide the stamp and logbook (which has playing card covers). Funny enough it is the same book Joerg was reading when he met us at the airport in Germany! (but his didn't have cool stamps hiding inside!) I had been to check on the location of this one a few times, but never planned library trips well enough in advance to have stamps with me, so for my first planned mission to the book Zamboni and James Bone got to come too!

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