Saturday, October 4, 2008

Demerritt Forest

August 17, 2008 : Another beautiful summer day, perfect for a walk in the woods! OnTheCorner and Agent S. set out to find the Demerritt Forest, which is also part of the UMaine Trail system though not directly adjacent to campus - these are part of the experimental forest where my fellow tree-scientists learn more about how trees grow and what nutrients the soil needs (so that I don't take too many of those nutrients away when I am turning said trees into bio-fuels) ... here the trees look very unsuspecting and peaceful.First letterbox is called "Out of Hibernation" and is a black bear hiding under the bridge!
View from the bridge ... fortunately no real live black bears were encountered here!
Continuing on down the trail (after quite a long hike) we came to the second letterbox, "Turtle Crossing" - Inspired by a snapping turtle that the planter helped cross the road so it wouldn't get run over.

Fingers are starting to look a little blue there ... this was the day we started joking about turning into smurfs, which then inspired the carving of several smurf stamps!

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