Friday, October 3, 2008

A Letterboxing Event in Ellsworth

July 27th, 2008
Having gone letterboxing twice, it was now time for our first Letterboxing Event! OnTheCorner and Agent S. traveled down to Ellsworth for the Two Queens Meet-up at Jordan's Ice Cream Shop. We met fellow letterboxers and exchanged stamps with them. The organizers, WeAreAllInThisTogether and Queen Tiffana, had made lots of neat stamps! Seem to be lacking in pictures of the actual event ... but of course we couldn't travel all that way without finding a few letterboxes!

First we found "In Honor of Men" - where sculptures and cannons rest side by side. The stamp in this microbox looks much like this first picture of the cannon and balls. Perhaps someone should add a second stamp like this beast sculpture (my favorite of the overpriced artworks)

Our second stop was at the "Old Burying Ground" - one of several graveyard letterboxes in Ellsworth - where we also found a hitch-hiker! And geo-cachers had left some stickers as a thank-you for letting them play with the stamp.

From there we found the Ellsworth Library (navigating without a map even!) and the "Busy Reader Bees" microbox, which was adorable. The box was hidden along this pretty little path in front of the library that follows the river.
We then had another clue called "Red Light Downstream" which we found hidden behind a snow removal sign in the adjacent parking lot. This is one of my favorite stamps so far! I love the cars sitting on the bridge over the river stamp (inspired by the view of downtown Ellsworth from this spot)

...And then one more! We happened to spot Donald A. Little Park, home to a microbox called "Moose is Loose in Ellsworth" - a cute little stamp of a dog's dish with the name Moose on it.

A very successful day of letterboxing - 5 for 5, and an event with lots of cool stamps! (Including one of the Sisters3areWe whose stamp I asked if it was a puppy dog hiding in tall grass ... it turned out that I had it upside down, it was actually her face! Honest mistake ... I carved a puppy dog hiding in grass in honor of it!

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