Saturday, October 4, 2008

Bangor City Forest

August 23, 2008
Bangor City Forest

There are several stamps hiding on various trails in city forest. Some from AtlasQuest and some from the letterboxing north america site (which are not as easy to track whether they are still there). OnTheCorner and RainWater had previously searched out two of the LBNA ones unsuccessfully, so we started with the third, "Real Magic" ... here OnTheCorner emerges from re-hiding the stamp saying something funny, which could probably have been interpreted as a threat to my personal well-being for taking her picture.
"Real Magic" is located somewhat past the magically clean outhouses

"Black dog ramble" was the AtlasQuest stamp we found successfully hidden in a rock wall. Here's another cute stamp from a fellow local letterboxer, tri-colored paws. My other favorite stamp of fellow lettereboxers to see is by the "mud-flingin' fools"

After finding that one we went on a somewhat less successful search for one of the other LBNA stamps (despite the fact that they had already failed to find it, we knew one of the two had been found recently .. think we picked wrong one to search for ... or can't properly identify a "big tree" in a forest full of them)

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