Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween From the Boxing Buddies!!!

In honor of this frightfully scary holiday, our friend James Bone decided to dress up as a pirate (Arrrrr, Matey!!) complete with eye patch and pirate hat with feather in it. Zamboni showed off his more angelic side, with a curly blond wig, glittery halo and white robes. They are seen here with the plastic pumpkin bucket

That swash-buckling pooch climbed to the top of the great pumpkin ... which may tomorrow become the great jack-o-lantern!

I myself was disguised for Halloween as well, in a costume I call "Gone Over to the Dark Side." For those of you who do not understand the true nature of die-hard Red Sox fans and our rivalry with the evil ones, please allow me to explain that this is only a joke, and I would never in my right mind actually wear a New York Yankees hat (gross!!) My fellow Mainers and New Englanders of course understood how the black wig, black nail polish, and black clothing from head to foot tied in to this dark side theme .... but I also work with a great many foreigners from far off lands (who don't know what to make of this crazy holiday) and needed some explaining! My cubicle mates, Hitomi from Japan and Lei from China, found this particularly amusing, and insisted on posing for pictures (and Hitomi asked to touch the hair!)

Sadly it is almost over, and we have had no trick-or-treaters yet this year to scare with my horrific ensemble ... but all the more chocolate left for me and the buddies!!

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