Saturday, October 4, 2008

Hermon Pond and Holden School Zone

September 1, 2008

Good intentions of being productive in the lab despite the Labor Day holiday were quickly abandoned when the weather turned out to be far too beautiful for working! This is a garden ornament on the drive towards Hermon Pond that cracks us up!Hermon Pond on Labor Day
This is the site of "In Memory of Jake" - a really lovely tribute to this precious golden retriever, hidden at his favorite spot
From there we headed into Holden to find this letterbox called "Maine School Zone" at the Holden elementary school. This box was hidden last September by Ms. Harriman's 1st grade class when they learned about letterboxing - fitting that we should visit it on the day before a new class starts! Some yahoo who recently visited left a hint that there was a mystery box hiding somewhere near by ... so we spent a great deal of time wandering around the woods looking for suspicious rocks or likely trees, but no such luck! Holden does however have a very nice nature trail for hiking, with lots of hills it is more like a real hike than most school nature trails we have seen.

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