Saturday, October 4, 2008

Boxing Buddies Arrive!

September 11, 2008

The Boxing Buddies arrived in Maine, and we had to go on a first mission to get acquainted! Zamboni the elephant traveled all the way from his home with jacks in Illinois (a veteran buddy, he was the first ever posted when boxing buddies were created on AtlasQuest) - and James Bone, a rookie buddy newly created by Force of Five, traveled all the way from Virginia!

The day before departing for Germany, boxing buddies went to work with Agent S. and were met by OnTheCorner for another lunch-break visit to the UMaine campus ornamental garden
This is the Flagship Box, because the Orono campus is the flagship campus of the University of Maine system -the stamp shows our logo and year of UMaine's founding. Here Zamboni pose with the box, and below they help Agent S. (UMaine class of '05 and hopefully '09!) sign the log book!

Zamboni's log book gets a stamp in Maine!
We're in a garden! Got to take time to stop and smell the flowers! These flowers look like cozy places to rest for our new fuzzy friends!
Frolicking in the grass
And smelling more flowers! Zamboni and James Bone are clearly fast friends!
but sometimes they need a little time apart ... here's Zamboni

and Bone, James Bone.

an introduction to The Pine Tree Stateand to climbing trees ... This was a malus baccata (apple)

We were looking for a good spot to hide a new letterbox in the garden, but alas, when we found one some people were on the other side of the fence and they wouldn't go away! At least the buddies got some good practice at finding letterboxes and looking cute for the camera ... and are ready to make this trip across the ocean!

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