Friday, October 31, 2008

Beware of Robots - revisited

October 19th, 2008:

Boxing buddies couldn't visit us in Glenburn, ME without a visit to the series of stamps that was our first plant this summer - Beware of Robots.

After the weekly family dinner, our little cousin wished to take a trip to the school's playground - and I agreed that the buddies and I would go, on one condition - we had to walk the Nature Trail as well! While little cuz stands by his opinion that any treasure hunt in which he doesn't get to keep the treasure is "the lamest thing I ever heard of" - he is quite content to wander along the trail and jump off boulders while we stamp. Cousin RainWater helped keep him entertained, while we stamp in at Itsy Bitsy Spider (top left)
Robot's Rocket Ride - as carved by Agent S. The most recent visitors to our boxes (ChickenLips) used colored markers instead of ink, and some of that remained, which made for some particularly nice colored stamping ... and maybe will inspire me to try out this marker thing too!

Then we found the scary Robot at his moss covered hiding spot, and further ventured on to sneak up on that peak-a-boo puppy!

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