Friday, October 3, 2008

Beware of Robots

August 2, 2008:

I carved my first stamp: This Robot was supposed to be a nice friendly robot, but one little slip and suddenly he has the mouth of a mean scary robot bent on world domination, ___ <- insert john connor reference here! So I decided to hide robot dude as my first letterbox plant, on the Nature Trail of Glenburn Elementary (my first alma mater).

Here we have found a good hidy spot: Follow the path to where it curves sharply left at the base of 2 giant trees in the shape of V (and 2 sawed off trees remain wedged in the V). From the tree with the V take 20 steps to the rock in the path painted orange. Start counting again and take 40 steps to a rock seat on the side of the trail. Take a seat! Reach around the base of the tree, to your right and remove the rock hiding what you seek. Beware, robots don't need bugspray, but you might!

Seriously, I need to invest in bugspray stock to play at this hobby.

...While OnTheCorner and I were out ... might as well go to Bangor and find some letterboxes! First we took a drive up to the Thomas Hill Standpipe. She and Rainwater had already found this stamp on a letterboxing mission to which I was not invited ... but it was an awesome stamp so I needed it. I followed all of the clues, past the bird bath to the appropriate tree and the appropriate rock ... but no box! Tragically the box had disappeared!! If you or anyone you know has any information on the heartless weasel who stole this box, please tell them to put it back right now!!!

...Since we couldn't end the day on such a depressing note, we went over to Prentiss Woods - the trail behind Bangor High School, my other alma mater (also known as "the pines" - where I never went, mom!) There are 2 boxes on this trail - the deer and the bird - but my pictures of those didn't come out well so instead you can view this neat stamp from their logbook left by a fellow seeker-of-letterboxes!

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