Friday, October 31, 2008

Gould's Landing

Gould's Landing on Pushaw Lake is one of our favorite swimming holes - but definitely not today!!! BRRR!! Another gorgeous clear fall day, but lots of wind here on the water, and our fingers (or paws, as the case may be) were just about frozen by the time we finished stamping!

We had looked for this box back in July, but got thrown off track because the clues say to start from the tree with the V (lots of trees grow in v-shaped pairs) and to sit at the picnic table nearest the water (there are three picnic tables) and then walk towards the trash can with rocks on it (also three of those) and then find the letterbox among some boulders near the trees (also, lots of boulders, lots of trees) ... earlier in the summer, the actual hiding spot was guarded by a sign that read "Warning! Poison Ivy!" so we did not pay that clump of boulders/trees much attention ... but today there was not so much dangerous foliage, and voila! A letterbox!

Here our buddies sit triumphantly on their treasure chest (they must be our lucky charms!)

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