Friday, October 3, 2008

Letterboxing with a kid!

August 10, 2008:
When OnTheCorner and Rainwater first described letterboxing to our little cousin as a treasure hunt he was a bit intrigued, but when he heard you had to leave the treasure where you found it he declared "That's the lamest thing I ever heard!"

In an attempt to convince him otherwise, Auntie OnTheCorner carved him a cool transformer stamp (matches exactly the design on his new hat, odd coincidence!) and we planted 4 stamps in the Beware of Robots series, which lil cuz OptimusPrime was the first to find! I made this treasure map to help keep his interest up ... and then we set off to find the X-marks-the-spots!

RainWater and OptimusPrime consult the handy treasure map and get the lay of the land.

Aye-aye captain! I make them pose at the faded entrance sign that marks the beginning of our letterbox hunt.

And the gangs all here, even grammy came along on this letterbox mission!

Fun fact: The roly scroll paper was made on our pilot-scale paper machine by fellow UMaine chem engineers ... and the tube that this stamp and log-book are hiding in is a recycled filter holder from my latest mad science lab experiments!

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