Saturday, October 4, 2008

Levant Fitness Trail and Brown's Woods

August 31, 2008
OnTheCorner and Agent S. set off to find two of the final local letterboxes - Brown's Woods in Bangor was the first stop ... seen to have forgotten to take pictures because I was too busy swatting mosquitoes! Note to self: skirts are not proper letterboxing apparel. Second note to self: if wearing improper letterboxing apparel, at least bring bug spray!!

The nature trail at Levant's elementary school was our next stop - definitely the coolests nature trail around! This one is called a fitness trail because they have a bunch of exercise stations scattered along the trail, like places to do step-ups and pull-ups!

Here I attempt to do one ... mostly it was more awkward hanging and mom laughing at me!

Let her hold the clue book for awhile, more to feel important than because she is able to direct us!

Look Joerg! 7 Feet! I can reach higher than your head!

This was supposed to measure how high you can help, but jumping looks silly in pictures.

Still smiling here, but plotting my purchase of stock in bug-spray manufacturing ...

Later while dog-sitting for the Sophie pup she and I strolled along the Stillwater River walk and checked up on Slap Happy hoping maybe someone had come and left a hitch-hiker ... no such luck, but Sophie had a good time swimming and chasing her ball.

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