Monday, January 19, 2009

Bernie at Bangor Library

January 17, 2009:

"It's negative 14 degrees out and that crazy girl wants to go letterboxing? No way, uh-uh, can't make me!!

Oh wait. this one is indoors at least. maybe I'll reconsider."

Bernie joined the ranks of the "Cards on the Table" altered book-letterbox finders! This is hiding at the Bangor Public Library (I check on it often because the only thing I'm more addicted to than letterboxing is books!)

After finding the letterbox we went to Orono to stop in at Agent S.'s office, and Bernie had a close encounter with my good friend Mr. E. coli, the million times magnified bacteria (he is the friendly wood-to-ethanol converting strain, not the spinach inhabiting strain, no need to worry about Bernie's safety here!)
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