Tuesday, November 25, 2008

In the snow? Are we insane?

November 22, 2008 - Cascade Park

The first snow of the winter arrived today - but that was not going to stop us from finding another letterbox!! (Perhaps it should have - we spent most of the trek into Cascade Park doubting our sanity!) The stamp that inspired this mission is called "Life-flight of Maine" - located at the edge of a field behind the park, overlooking nearby eastern maine medical center - hence the helicopter theme. The wind was blowing across this field ferociously, making it very difficult to stamp into the books. Pictures aren't as fun without boxing buddies, but we were glad not to have to take the time to get extra stamps - brrrr!

We also stopped off at the Bangor Library and found the letterbox "Buried Truth" which I had previously scoped out (the day I went to the post office to mail James Bone, Zamboni and a b-day present for my favorite little Finnish buddy - mom called while I was there and gave me directions to investigate this newly posted box. To spoil the surprise, the stamp is an eraser with the words "goverment = lies" carved in it. The best part of that box was the clue - behind the statue of three men, one with an axe.

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